PLC DataLogger Customer Comments

Bought it to trouble shoot machines that are remote. I go to them once a week or every other week. Configured it, plugged it in, came back two weeks later. The log file showed me exactly what was happening when I wasn't there. Love it.



Had a need for 5 of them. Emailed Doug and asked if he could just configure them for me. He responded asking what I wanted to log etc. I emailed it to him and he shipped me 5 pre-configured units. Plug them in and they worked.

Andrea H 9/12/2019


I was having trouble configuring it as I am not a big PLC user. I called for help. They stepped me through  it over the phone. It was great. Cant ask for more than that.

Brad K 5/17/2019


Had a need for a stand alone logger for my Freq drive. I found this logger through Google. I read the description, bought it. It arrived on time. I configured it, wired it to the filed wired terminals on the logger and my drive. Came back a day later and I had a perfect log file.

Janet W 12/3/2018


I needed something to log Quickly from my PLC. I am doing burst testing on hydraulic hoses. I wanted to log the pressure as it climbed and catch the pressure as the hose burst. This device allowed me to get 139 samples per second of the pressure. The old logger logged 10 times per second. We got the burst pressure down to within 15 pounds with this device. The old one was within 450 pounds.

Kenny A 8/19/2018


Worked for me. Very easy to use. Been looking for this for a few years.

Fred R 5/12/2018


Had a special application I could not figure out. I emailed Doug. He emailed back promptly. He told me if I could not get it, he would email me the configuration file. I purchased one. I had no issue configuring it and it's up and running today.

Aaron Adley 12/2/2017


Bought one to test it. Worked better then expected. We now buy one for every machine we put in. Easy to config and setup. Love it.

Sebastian Lopez 11/2/2017


Had to prove a concept and needed to log fast to catch what was going on. Set it for continuous. It logged 120 samples per second. I caught the issue and fixed it. Great Product.

Antonio Garcia 8/23/2017


Called Doug and spoke with him. He told me it is easy to setup. Should take 10-15 minutes and if I had issues, the training videos are on the logger to watch. Bought one. He was correct. I had it setup in 10 minutes and never used the training videos. I then bought five more.

Stan Turner 4/5/2017


I just wanted to say thanks. The PLC Logger was just what I needed to meet my customers needs for record keeping.  I used it with a CLICK PLC, To track water use.  I have to say the main reason I chose this logger was the low price.  I bought one and the programing was so easy,  I didn't hesitate to place a second order for 4 more. Thanks again Just what I needed!

Mark Smith Automation and Technology Manager AVC 2/20/2017


Your unit worked perfectly!

We manufacture tube systems similar to what you see in banks, with simple push-buttons and sensors run by PLCs.  Thanks to your DataLogger, we can now keep track of the transactions for troubleshooting.

Wes G  1/13/2017


Doug, you were correct. When I spoke to you - you told me it would take me less then 10 minutes to configure it. It was extremely easy to configure and get up and running.

Matt R 12/29/2016


This PLC Data Logger works just like the brochure and you said it would. It is very easy to use, and I will definitely be interested in purchasing more of these.

Stephen G 11/21/2016


Beta Tester Comments:

"Great troubleshooting tool"

"Ran for a month collecting cycle times on our machine"

"That is a cool little box. It helped me diagnose an issue I could not find"

"Allowed me to find out what was going on at 3:00AM when I was not at the plant"

"Had it configured and logging in 15 minutes"

When asked by a manager to give it back, the tech that had it responded:

"I really like that box and you can pry it from my cold dead hands"

Many of the sites running it are using it to tell them what is happening when they are not around. They configure it, plug it in, and come back a day, a week, or a month later and remove the data files. They then go through the data files to see what is happening when they are not standing directly by the machine. Others are collecting production data. Whatever way you use it, the data is saved in an easy to use, Excel-ready CSV format.

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