DirectLogic Series - 05 Trainer

Trainer (no cable)
Trainer with 9-Pin Serial Programming Cable (+$35)
Trainer with USB Programming Cable (+$52.00)

Don't need the video DVD trainer "Introduction to PLC Logic and Principles - DVD Training Kit" but just need a small simulator? Well, we have it for you. The trainer is pre-wired, ready to plug in, program and run. It comes with a power pack ready to plug in and power up, along with prewired buttons and lights to use for interaction. Programming cable can be ordered separately.

  • 1 D0-05DD-D PLC (8 DC Inputs, 6 DC Outputs)
  • 1 Power On/Off Selector Switch
  • 1 Green pushbutton wired to input X0
  • 1 Red pushbutton wired to input X1
  • 1 Black pushbutton wired to input X2
  • 1 2 Position selector switch wired to X3
  • 1 Green indicator light wired to Y0
  • 1 Red indicator light wired to Y1
  • 1 Yellow indicator light wired to Y2
  • 1 Blue indicator light wired to Y3