Productivity Family PLC Series Certificate Course

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The Productivity SeriesĀ® of Programmable Controllers are powerful yet easy to use: learn about the best features of this high-performance system with the intuitive programming tools, FREE software and more.

Who should attend?

Manufacturing engineers, industrial engineers, plant operations managers, maintenance or any personnel involved in the planning, design and set-up of manufacturing facilities, or personnel who encounter control systems in their course of daily functions. This course will benefit personnel who might be programming, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting PLC-based equipment.

What are the benefits?

  • Offers exposure to state-of-the-art PLCs to keep engineers proficient
  • Provides experience to your staff that allows them to install and troubleshoot PLCs
  • Offers information for management to use in daily operations to make production more flexible, reliable, productive and profitable.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to the Productivity 2000 Hardware and features

  • CPU
  • Input/Output modules
  • Specialty modules

Introduction to the P2000 Software Application Tools

  • Setting up your Hardware
  • Tag based programming

Task manager

  • Conditional Tasks

Ladder logic

  • Basic functions and processes

Ladder Instructions

  • Contacts and Coils
  • Timers and Counters

P2000 Software Continued

  • Review simple ladder logic
  • Specialty bits and data
  • Utilizing analog devices
  • Math functions
  • Advanced ladder instructions

Trouble shooting

  • Utilizing the PLC to diagnose physical problems
  • Trouble shooting and debugging PLC code 

Advanced features



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