System Integration Consulting

equipment cabinet before and after
equipment cabinet before and after
well organized equipment rack
well organized equipment cabinet
equipment cabinet exterior with display screen
equipment cabinet exterior
well organized equipment cabinet
equipment cabinet display screen
carefully organized equipment rack with many cables
carefully organized equipment rack with many cables
automation system control screen

Whether it is the Productivity family, Do-More family, Click family, Direct Logic family, C-more HMI, Think & Do, or another system, we can do it all. You'll experience over 50 years combined experience with Automation Direct Products when working with us. We have knowledge of – and have implemented systems in – a wide variety of fields, and we take projects of all shapes and sizes.

We pride ourselves in making your experience one that you will remember and enjoy. This means we will work with you to complete your system, provide training on your systems and the interfacing, and if you design show you how the software works. Feel free to contact us today for more info!

Services Offered

  • System Design
  • System Integration
  • Panel Design
  • PLC/SCADA/HMI selection and software development
  • On-site Installation & Testing
  • Remote installation
  • Operator Training & Support
  • Outdated System Maintenance and Conversions

Areas of Expertise

  • Closed Loop PID control
  • Product Tracking
  • High Speed Automation
  • Fluid Control
  • Sequential programming
  • Multi-Dimensional Motion Control
  • Interfacing PLC system with Robotics
  • Data-Logging and exporting to Excel Files
  • Ethernet IP systems
  • Remote System Access
  • And Much More

Success Stories

Click the headers below to learn more about some of the wide variety of projects we've been able to help with.

BRX High Speed PID Application

Recently, InterConnecting Automation Inc. was contacted by a customer who had a unique situation. He had an application that involved using a servo motor to drive an air compressor motor. This air compressor then ran an air motor with an encoder to a setpoint speed. The customer utilized our One-on-One services to help pick a controller, and program the controller.

The frst step in this process was to choose a controller. The main IO requirements were to allow high speed inputs for the feedback encoder, and to allow for pulse output for the servo drive. In additon to that, it needed to run a few discrete inputs and a few discrete outputs. Afer adding all of the IO requirements up, it was determined that the BRX 18pt series would ft the requirement perfectly. This PLC had built in High Speed IO and allowed for the additonal IO requirements.

The BRX 18pt series PLC

CTC Crushing

InterConnecting Automation was brought on by a company in Nevada that crushes rock for gravel and other products. Up until this point in time, all of their automation was completed by using outdated control systems or by using hardwired interlocks. Essentially they have a series of conveyors that feed into and out of different crushing equipment, and when one of those conveyors or pieces of equipment goes down, they need everything up stream of it to stop. With hardwiring the interlocks this was time consuming to wire and change when needed.

Allen Bradley OEM

InterConnecting Automation was hired to help an Allen Bradley OEM integrate a new control system into one of their upcoming projects. In short, the customer requested that the Click PLC series from Automation Direct be used due to its high function ability and low cost per point. Upon making this choice, the OEM requested our assistance in programming the machine. The machine was to also have a Crimson Red Lion Nema 4X Operator interface on it.

Merryweather Foam

Recently, InterConnecting Automation Inc. was contacted by a customer who was in need of a machine control system upgrade. The Customer had a small high pressure foam water jet that had the original control system on it. That control system consisted of a Direct Logic 230 CPU and a DV1000 HMI. Both of these main components have been obsoleted for some time now.

Eash Stoneworks

Recently, InterConnecting Automation Inc. was contacted by an OEM out of Kentucky. The OEM installed a gantry saw for cutting countertops and other rock material. The saw was installed in Rockford IL around 1997. At that time, the OEM used Siemens PLC’s (on this saw an S7 PLC), but has since switched to Automation Direct PLC’s for all of their Automation Equipment.

The original control cabinet with the Siemens PLC

Veneer Patcher

Have you ever wondered how the football shapes got into a sheet of plywood? When the knots in a tree fall out when the tree is turned into veneer sheets, there is a hole that is left behind. That hole in the veneer sheet is then patched with the football shaped patches. InterConnecting Automation Inc. was recently brought in to help automate a machine that patches the veneer at a plywood facility. Until this point in time, the process of patching the veneer was all manual and required operators to stand at a manual patcher and patch all of the holes in a sheet. This was extremely labor intensive and a slow process.

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Think & Do® Conversions

At many companies, Think & Do Software®  continues to have a significant role as control system or part of a control system for real-time applications. The major shortcoming of Think & Do is that it only runs on older hardware, specifically computers using 32-bit architecture. That hardware will not last forever.

We have experience with Think & Do® and with industry control systems as a whole. We have the expertise to transition you to a newer system, running on today's hardware, that meets your needs. If you've outgrown what Think & Do does for your company, we can update and configure a system that works for you.

Whatever the system, we can help maintain your outdated system, and then, at the right time, help you successfully migrate from your outdated, unsupported system.


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