Motion Control - Live Hands on Virtual Certificate Training Course

InterConnecting Automation is proud to introduce a Live Hands on Virtual Motion Control Course with the goal of taking the mystery out of Motion Control.

Who should attend?

Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Plant Operations Managers, Maintenance Personnel or other personnel involved in planning, design and setup of manufacturing facilities and personnel who encounter control systems in their course of daily functions. It will also benefit those who might be programming, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting PLC based equipment. Finally, this class will benefit the home user or tinkerer trying to implement their own systems.



"Practical" Motion Control Course - 3 days - 4 hours per day


  • What are High Speed Inputs and Outputs
  • Hardware Overview
  • Hardware configuration
  • High Speed Structures
  • Focus on High speed Inputs
    • Configuring a High Speed Counter for Encoder Input Signal
    • Using the Counter in Ladder Logic
    • High Speed Timing Functions
    • Time and Event Interupts


  • Focus on Open Loop High Speed Outputs
    • Configuring High Speed Outputs for a Stepper Motor Control
    • Configuring a Control Axis in Ladder Logic
    • Clearing Axis Faults
    • Simple Trapezoidal Moves
    • Velocity Control
    • Converting Pulses/Revolution to Linear Motion


  • What does "Closed Loop" Mean
  • When Do you want to use closed loop motion
  • Focus on Closed Loop Motion In the Do-more Designer
    • Configuring High Speed Outputs for a Stepper Motor Control
    • Configuring a Control Axis in Ladder Logic - With Encoder Feedback
    • Revisit Trapezoidal Move with Encoder Positioning
    • System Homing
    • Axis Scripting
    • Programming a Simple Motion Profile given a prompt


Order a discounted trainer-simulator upon registration at a discounted rate after the class or have it shipped to you prior


BRX Basic Digital Trainer Simulator        BRX Analog & Digital Trainer Simulator

BRX Basic                   BRX Analog


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Hardware is not required to attend the course. We provide it.