Introduction to PLC Logic and Principles - DVD Training Kit

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Whats’s in the kit?

Two DVD’s or video tapes, showing examples of programming with Directsoft. You can get ‘Hands-On’ experience by following along with the instructor who is using the same hardware.

A pre-wired PLC trainer based on the DL-05DD PLC, with push buttons, lights, selector switches and a programming cable ready to plug into your computer.

A DL-05 Users Manual, which is used throughout the video and is great for future reference.

* Closed captioned in Spanish

How do I order?

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Part number TDVD-1 (w\ $14 - 9 pin serial programming cable) $489


Part number TDVDU-1 (w\ $43 USB programming cable) $518


Want just the hardware trainer without the DVD's and manual?


Can I use my version of DirectSoft?

If you have DirectSoft v2.4a or higher you can use this video course, although v3.0 or higher is recommended to more closely match the video.

Video Course Contents


  • Introduction
  • Basic Wiring
  • Logic AND & OR
  • Sensors
  • Relays
  • Reasons for using a PLC
  •’s Families of PLCs

CPU Internals

  • Scan Time
  • Addressing I/O (X’s and Y’s)
  • Commands


  • Inside the I/O boards
  • Octal Addressing
  • Programming Methods–Hand Held Programmer - DirectSoft

Programming & Debugging

  • Using Inputs and Outputs
  • Debugging and Status Mode
  • PLC Commands
  • Troubleshooting

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Analog I-O PLC Training Kit


For those of you who want additional hands on, face-to-face training we offer seminars around the country. See what we have…
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