Allen Bradley OEM

InterConnecting Automation was hired to help an Allen Bradley OEM integrate a new control system into one of their upcoming projects. In short, the customer requested that the Click PLC series from Automation Direct be used due to its high function ability and low cost per point. Upon making this choice, the OEM requested our assistance in programming the machine. The machine was to also have a Crimson Red Lion Nema 4X Operator interface on it.

The machine in question was designed to be a portable water filtration machine that will be down in West Texas filtering water post Oil Fracking. The system had two large tanks, a DAF unit, a few chemical pumps, and supporting sensors. Due to the amount of Inputs and Outputs on the machine, we utilized Modbus TCP/ IP and used two Click PLC’s to handle all of the IO.

Additionally, the Crimson HMI does not natively support the Click PLC. Due to that fact, we were required to convert each location from a standard Click PLC address to a Modbus location in the Crimson HMI.

Finally, After the code was written and tested to the machine operation document, we made a trip to Texas to debug and install the code into the system. After completing this process, the machine was able to run above the projected GPD, running over 2.08 Million Gallons a Day. The two PID loops controlling tank levels were tuned and able to hold the tank level within 2 inches on a 7ft deep tank.

The network layout