PID - Live Hands on Virtual Certificate Training Course

InterConnecting Automation is proud to reintroduce a PID Training Course with the goal of taking the mystery out of PID!

You will spend three days (4 hours per day) in an intense class strictly devoted to PID function. No PLC Knowledge is Required! This course is geared around teaching practical PID Applications. We will focus on the general control loops used in industry. We will not be covering cracking atoms at 1500' below the surface of the ocean. (ha ha) We will NOT cover any advanced PID Topics (Feed forward, Cascading, etc).

Course Outline - 3 days 4 hours per day - Live & Virtually

Day One

  • What is PID?
  • Where is PID Used
  • Overview of PID Terms
    • Setpoint
    • Process Variable
    • Sample Rate
    • Bias
    • Bias Windup
    • Direct/Reverse Acting
    • Gain,Reset,Rate
    • Time Proportioning control
    • Alarms
  • Introduction to the Virtual Hardware and Control Loop
  • Introduction to the PID Equation
    • Start reviewing the Gain Term

Day Two

  • Continue with the Gain Term
  • Review the Reset Term
    • How it Functions in the PID Equation
  • Bias Function
    • Bias equal to Output
    • Bias Freeze
    • Bias Windup
  • Overview of the Rate Term

Day Three

  • Control Methods
    • Bang Bang Control Vs PID
    • PI Control
    • Time Proportioning control
  • Controlling Variable Limitations
  • Loop Tuning Procedure
  • Loop disturbance and affects on the Loop


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Hardware is not required to attend the course. We provide it.