Terminator I/O Trainer

Terminator I/O Trainer

The Terminator simulator/trainer comes turn key ready to turn on, and run. It is a briefcase style design, where the top half is the terminator I/O simulator/trainer, and the bottom half is die cut foam for the extra items needed such as power cord, power strip etc. The two sections slide apart so the simulator/trainer can sit upright by itself for use. When finished you can slide the two unit’s back together for easy portability.

You can substitute a Modbus, Devicenet, Profibus, or any other Terminator I/O base controller.

There is also open space in the rack to plug in any other type of card you may want to simulate.

The simulator/trainer comes with all of the items needed for the everyday technician, but if needed it can be modified to your needs. To modify this unit to fit your requirements, just call or email us with your requirements to see if we can help you out with your simulator/trainer needs.

  • 1 T1K-01AC (Power Supply for Terminator I/O)
  • 1 T1H-EBC (Ethernet Base Controller)
  • 1 T1F-08AD-2 (8 Channel Analog Input Module)
  • 1 T1F-08DA-2 (8 Channel Analog Output Module)
  • 1 T1K-08ND3 (8 Point DC Input Module)
  • 1 T1K-08TR (8 Point Relay Output Module)
  • 2 0-10 VDC Digital Voltmeters wired to the Analog Output Module
  • 2 Ten-turn potentiometers for finite resoluion wired to the Analog Inputs
  • 1 Capacitor / Resistor PID simulator build in
  • 1 Green illuminated push button.
  • 1 Yellow indicator light.
  • 1 Red button.
  • 1 Selector switch.
  • 1 Centsable Photoeye
  • 1 Centsable Proximity Switch
  • 1 Power Cord (120 VAC)