PID Training Course

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InterConnecting Automation is proud to reintroduce their advanced PID class to enhance and challenge your knowledge. For this class, ICA's expert instructor Doug Bell teams up with Cecil Smith, an expert with over 50 years experience in PID function. He has over 40 books available on PID on stores like Barnes n Noble. A well known expert in his field.

You will spend three days in an intense class strictly devoted to PID function. This specialty class will give you use of state of the art equipment along with two instructors at your disposal. This PID class will educate you on the short cuts and tools that the experts know and use. In addition, you will learn to setup, tune, troubleshoot and debug PID loops. It won’t stop there - you will experience adjusting the gain, reset, rate, and many other PID parameters, to see how they affect the loop.

If this is a class that you would be interested in attending, please email us your name, address, and phone number, and we will contact you with information on this outstanding, challenging specialty class.

Course Syllabus


  • Setpoint Variable
    Bias Freeze
    Process Variable
    Sample Rate
    Bias Term
  • Integral Action
    Derivative Action
    Direct Acting
    Reverse Acting
    Process Dynamics
  • Feedforward
    Major Loop\Minor Loop
    Time Proportioning PID
  • First Order Lag
    Dead Time
    First order lag plus dead time

Error Squared

  • Manual - Auto - Cascade Modes
    Bumpless Transfer
    Ramp Soak mode
  • Accuracy


  • Zero Error
    Span Error
    Nonlinear Error
    Combined Zero & Span Error
    Hysteresis and Dead Band


  • Limit Alarms vs. Deviation Alarms
    Rate of Change

Control Strategies

  • On-Off Control of heating
    Proportional Control
    Proportional Action
    Proportional Control of a continuous process
    Level Control Offset
    Temperature Record-Pl Control


  • Thermocouple Junction Compensation
    Thermocouple Calibration Arangement

PID Flow Applications

  • Position vs. Velocity Loops