Doug Bell, PLC Instructor


  • Planned and coordinated automation of a Milwaukee, WI manufacturing facility.
  • Designed from scratch the automation portion of a new automated can plant using exclusively PLCDirect.
  • Designed electronic control system for more than 45 facilities worldwide using multiple vendor PLC products.
  • Developed and implemented a variety of cost and labor saving equipment.
  • Wide variety of applications experience including electronic feeder controls, HVAC controls, automated test stations, coating lines, printing lines, coordinated drive systems, motion control systems, high speed applications, communications systems, device level network applications, PC based control solutions, MMU systems, etc.
  • Dedicated engineering professional with a consistent history of producing timely and productive results in a deadline-sensitive environment.

Doug and Training:

PLC Based Control System training is a hands-on experience taught by the best instructor in the business, Doug Bell. And by hands on, we really mean HANDS-ON! Everyone in the class has their hands on the keyboard doing real applications development. Doug really covers the territory, too! In three action-packed days (and evenings, if you like) Doug takes you through ladder programming, PID and I/O configuration for the PLC Based Course. (Check the course description for a detailed list of what is covered.) Now you might wonder how he can do all this in three short days at a reasonable price (since it takes the competition up to 5 days at twice the price to cover fewer topics). Well, we’ll explain that to you in a bit. First, though, we have to admit Doug’s training course is lacking a few things (but we don’t think you’ll miss them much)!

The things you won’t get include:

  • No “wet behind the ears” junior marketing engineer trying to wow you with great overheads that don’t say anything!
  • No staring out the window while your instructor tries to figure out how the software he’s supposed to be teaching you about actually works!
  • No putting up with a “not quite good enough” software engineer who’s giving the training class because no one else wants to!
  • No opportunity to sleep in the back of the room! (Because Doug keeps you hopping and the things you can do with the software keep you excited!) !

The bottom line is that a class is only as good as its instructor, and Doug Bell is the best! He is good at what he does because he loves it! He has spent over 20 years implementing several combinations of hardware and software to develop Control System Solutions. He’s worked with several brands of PLC’s and brings his variety of knowledge to the classroom. This way Doug can relate to each individual student regardless of that student’s experience. You will learn everything you need to know about DirectSOFT in Doug’s class! But you won’t learn about it in some abstract marketing way. Instead you’ll learn how to make PLC Based control systems work for you in real applications. Doug will take you all the way through the application development process. From system design, logic development, and HMI all the way to system installation, check-out and debug. By the end of the class you will see your own program mimicing and real-world solution! Although this seems like a lot to cover in 3 days we assure you Doug will not fall short simply because he’s good at what he does . Reserve your place today!

Doug holds classes around the country and can also tailor a class especially for you. He can even hold it in your facility because he brings his own computers and I/O for you to work with! Check out this website for dates, locations and more information. Or call ICA at 414/425-8348 to sign up now!