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Virtual Hands-on Training

Interconnecting Automation is now offering PLC training classes you can attend from the comfort of your desk!

We have developed Live online "Hands On" training courses to better serve you in the corona environment, no need to travel, get the same high quality training direct from your home or office.

PLC - Modbus device MicroSD Data Logger

Do you need a low cost device that allows you to log data from most AutomationDirect PLC, Modbus-enabled PLC or Modbus device? That collects historical and production data, tells you what happened, and helps troubleshoot your machine 24-7? Designed for ease-of-use and be reusable time after time, you can now purchase a very low-cost 4GB (customer upgradeable to 8GB, 16GB or 32GB) logger for your PLC or Modbus device.

Introductory PLC Certificate Course

This course will benefit people who might be programming, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting PLC-based equipment.

Advanced PLC Certificate Course

This course is designed for people who have previous experience in PLC programming and would like to improve their programming and troubleshooting skills.  In this class we will cover designing and implementing control systems, creating structured programs, tables and pointer commands, programming a working model of a robotic welder line, and much more!

DoMore \ BRX PLC Series Certificate Course

The Do More PLC line offers features and performance of high-end PLCs for an economical price. Do More has a much more flexible and advanced design that makes integrating I/O and organizing a program much easier. From day one, you will be learning how to con- figure, specify, program and troubleshoot a real PLC control system! Each work station has an actual PLC complete with functional Inputs and Outputs.

CLICK PLC Certificate Course

The CLICK PLC family of components offers practical features in a compact yet expandable design, with easy-to-use FREE programming software.

Productivity PLC Series Certificate Course

The Productivity Series® of Programmable Controllers are powerful yet easy to use: learn about the best features of this high-performance system with the intuitive programming tools, FREE software and more. 


CMore Certificate Course

This course will benefit personnel who might be programming, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting HMI-based equipment.

PID Training Course

You will spend three days in an intense class strictly devoted to PID function. You will learn to setup, tune, troubleshoot, and debug PID loops. It won't stop there - you will experience adjusting the gain, reset, rate, and many other PID parameters, to see how they affect the loop.  This specialty class will give you use of state of the art equipment along with two expert instructors at your disposal.

Intro to PLC - DVD Training Kit (*)

In this self-paced video trainer, we will cover the basics of PLC logic and principles. Topics include: Reasons for using a PLC, basic wiring, logical expressions, sensors, relays, using inputs and outputs, debugging and status mode, PLC commands, troubleshooting, and much more!

PLC Analog I/O - DVD Training Kit (*)

The Training Kit includes two 2-hour analog training DVD’s or videos, firmware upgrade instructional video, a pre-wired analog trainer and DL05 Analog I/O module and manual. This unit is a "plug-and-play" add-on to the DL05 PLC Trainer or any existing DL05 PLC. Topics include: Analog I/O principles, PLC analog modules, and configuring the modules.

PID Computer Based Training

In this CBT course you will learn how to design and implement PLC PID Control. It's like having a 3-day hands-on course in your computer! You simply download the files, install. Learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Whether it be the Productivity family, Do-More family, Click family, Direct Logic family, or C-more HMI design we can do it all. We can come to you and work onsite, or simply email us a flowchart of the process and we will email back the code when it is complete.