PLC Trainers for sale



We have for sale 12 each first class PLC trainers. These trainers are based on the 405 family of PLC's. They have been used by customers in our training classes. They are fully functional and include a 450 CPU, Simulator card, Ethernet communication card, Ethernet Remote I\O card, analog input card connected to 10 turn potentiometers to simulate 0-10VDC, along with an analog output card connected up to Simpson voltmeters. There is one DC digital input cards, and two DC digital output cards. There is a 24VDC 2amp current limited power supply to power the trainer and provide 1.5 amps for external use through banana jacks on the front of the trainer. They are suitcase style trainers that are hinged and detachable. The bottom part of the trainer holds the power cable, programming cable, and any other items you need to keep with the trainer so they do not get misplaced.


They include an Easy Text panel to communicate and display info controlled by the PLC. Total cost for the components in the trainer is approxiametely $4850. We are selling them for $1300. If this is something you are interested in or you have questions, email us. Please include your contact info such as name, phone number, email, etc.