Live- Virtual hands on PLC training classes


Interconnecting Automation is now offering PLC training classes you can attend from the comfort of your desk!

We have developed Live online "Hands On" training courses to better serve you in the corona environment, no need to travel, get the same high quality training direct from your home or office.

These PLC classes offer:


  • PLC Training now available within the comfort and safety of your location
  • Virtual - live "Hands On" PLC training just like our famous in person hands on classes we have given around the country for decades. Remote but no difference.
  • Limited number of attendees per session, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions during and after the session
  • Lowered cost of training - registration fee is less, no travel costs
  • No special hardware required and no prerequisites to attend. Classes are based on Directlogic, CLICK, Do-More-BRX, and Productivity family of PLC's.
  • Program, test your program and diagnose the same PLC hardware we use in our classes around the country - watch it run in a web cam just like you would at one of our in person hands on  classes. NO SIMULATION SOFTWARE
  • Small group classes of 4 or more employees for your company only
  • Customized classes for your company on any topic


CLICK PLC course  and the DoMore - BRX course are finalized and now appears on our class schedule. Directlogic, Productivity family coming shortly.


CLICK PLC cost is $295 for the 3 day class.


BRX PLC cost is $395 for the 3 day class.


Productivity PLC cost will be $395 for the 3 days when it goes live in December.





AutomationDirect sent out an email this morning (9-23-2021) about our virtual classes started recently. We have held the virtual classes previously and did have more on the schedule. Our schedule linked above is a little lean at the present time as Doug recently had an accident and found out yesterday at 3PM he needs knee surgery. This will limit his ability to do classes of any sort for a brief time. Last night we pulled classes down from the schedule for the next two months. In the meantime, AutomationDirect sent out the email early this morning.


We apologize for any confusion. It is our error that caused it and wanted to let you know what took place that caused the schedule to be presently lean. It will be populated shortly with classes in December 2021 going into 2022. Please fill out a contact us form and we will notify you when they are posted and scheduled.





Doug Bell




Check out our class schedule for the next upcoming Virtual course.


Please ensure you have an internet connection that can handle live video streaming of sufficient quality.  We recommend at least 5 Mb/s.