PLC Analog I/O - Video/DVD Course


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Whats’s in the kit?

The Training Kit includes two 2-hour analog training DVD’s or videos, firmware upgrade instructional video, a pre-wired analog trainer and DL05/DL06 Analog I/O module and manual. This unit is a "plug-and-play" add-on to the DL05 PLC Trainer or any existing DL05/DL06 PLC.

PLC Pre-wired Analog I/O Trainer:

  • Two 0-10 VDC Meters
  • Two 0-5 VDC Potentiometers
  • 24 VDC Wall-Mount Power Supply
  • DL05 Analog Combo Module, plus pre-wired cable from the trainer to the module, ready to plug into your DL05 PLC Trainer or any existing DL05 PLC

What are the benefits?

  • Work in the privacy of your own home/office.
  • No need to travel anywhere — your family won’t have to do without you.
  • Learn at your own pace — take a break when you need it.
  • Refer back to the video at any time — you’ll still have the hardware to experiment with.

How do I order?

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Part number - TADL-1





What do I need?

The Analog Training Kit works in conjunction with the basic Intro PLC Video DVD Training Kit or any existing DL05 PLC so you must have one or the other.

You will also have to have the DirectSOFT Programming Software, which is sold separately.

Can I use my version of DirectSoft?

If you have DirectSoft v2.4a or higher you can use this video course, although v3.0 or higher is recommended to more closely match the video.

How do I get more information?

Fill out our brochure request form

Video Course Contents

  • Analog I/O principles - voltage, current, thermocouple
  • PLC analog modules - input, output, thermocouple
  • Configuring the analog I/O modules in the PLC
  • DL05 PLC Analog - tutorial includes configuration, wiring, scaling (standard and non-standard) and programming, using the potentiometers and voltmeters on the trainer unit
  • DL205 and DL405 PLC Analog - addressing, pointer and multiplexer reading
    Application programming examples, including controlling motor speed with a drive and an analog output card in a PLC

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