BRX PLC Analog Trainer

Analog BRX Trainer
Trainer with USB Programmable Options Module (+$30)

This is a portable turnkey trainer for the BRX Analog PLC. The trainer comes with 4 digital inputs wired to buttons and selector switch, 4 digital outputs wired to indicator lights, a 4-20ma analog input 10 turn pot for finite resolution (if you want 0-5VDC input pot - let us know) and a user configurable analog output, 4-20ma or 0-5VDC, wired to banana jacks. Offering an easy 24-volt plug and play design.

Program it through the built in RS232 - RS485 screw terminal communication port, or the built in Ethernet port. Also available with the convenient optional USB POM(Programmable Options Module)

  • 1 C0-02DD1-D or C0-12DD1E-D PLC (4 discrete inputs, 4 discrete outputs, 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs)
  • 1 Green pushbutton wired to input X0
  • 1 Red pushbutton wired to input X1
  • 1 Black pushbutton wired to input X2
  • 1 2 Position selector switch wired to X3
  • 1 Green indicator light wired to Y0
  • 1 Red indicator light wired to Y1
  • 1 Yellow indicator light wired to Y2
  • 1 Blue indicator light wired to Y3
  • 1 4-20ma analog input 10 turn pot (0-5VDC input available on request)
  • user configurable analog output (4-20ma or 0-5VDC)

Part number BRX-2