CLICK PLC TrainerWe now have an assortment of low-cost CLICK trainers and same-day shipping on all CLICK PLC Trainers! The unit in the picture to the left is one of the portable turnkey trainers offered (PLC used is a C0-00DD1-D PLC), equipped with pushbuttons and indicators, is available for $189 and offers an easy 24-volt plug and play design.


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You can also purchase a one-month subscription to the CLICK video tutorial library for $39.95. With your paid subscription, you gain access to the entire library of more than 75 training videos covering topics such as, inputs, outputs, programming instructions and more. 
Save $10 when you purchase the combination package which includes the CLICK PLC trainer in the picture to the left plus 45 days of "unlimited access" to the CLICK online video tutorial library for $218.95 when you enroll in the COMBO offering at
If your organization needs to order four or more PLC Trainers, we will imprint our Trainers with your brand at no extra cost and customized to your needs!  View a gallery of our offerings.