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Got a free coupon with my CLICK CPU. It was free so I tried it. I could not beleive it. The depth was great. I actually took some of the code in the video and used it in my machine.

Kevin S   1/12/2017

I did not think much of it when I signed up but for $39.95 I thought I would try it. Was I surprised. It was great. Gave me a great understanding of the PLC world.

Angelo K 10/30/2016

Wow, outstanding info. Got me up to speed quick.

John J   7/12/2016

The library helped me get  project done in short time. Thanks for all you did and keep it up.

Steve J   3/14/2016

The DoMore library was outstanding. I was able to get my CPU up and going in a matter of minutes becuase of it. I went right to the videos on getting it going, and in a few minutes I had it running. From there I watched the more advanced videos and was able to do what I needed to do. Thank You for this tool.

Jamie W   12/4/2015

I was able to get a DoMore PLC up and running with no sweat. Thanks for the free coupon after purchasing the DoMore CPU allowing me to access this site. It helped immensely.

Don J    10/21/2015

I knew nothing about a PLC. This site gave me enough info to go in and make some changes. Just what I needed.

Nick B    7/7/2015

Thanks for this site. I was able to get a machine back and running after watching these videos. I had a machine down and worked on it for a week. I was very frustrated. Saw this site, watched the videos and I saw what I was doing wrong. Redid it and wammy it worked. This was a great tool for me and I will be back.

Mark F    4/13/2015

Just wanted to thank you for making plc's easier to understand your style of teaching was very helpful to me. This was my first experience of working with plc's and you made it simple and enjoyable. Doug Bells ways of teaching are very helpful - makes it very simple to understand.  I have been an electrician for 18 years this was my first experience with plc's, Doug made that experience easy to catch on to. Thank you Doug

Nathan W. 12/6/2014

I would not have found a way to communicate with a C-More Micro without this course.

Michael S. 12/3/2013

First off I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the videos in the Click PLC library. They were highly informative but to the point and as a college student without much extra time I greatly appreciated that. I enrolled in your courses, because I am utilizing the Click PLCs in a project that I am doing with the NASA Education Projects. Since programming and programmable logic controls aren’t the concentration of my major I wanted to get a little more in-depth and specific training before I went to wiring everything up.

Jeremy C. 12/1/2013

This course surpassed my expectations. Excellent instructor. You put together another great video library. The DirectLogic 101 video library was excellent.

Joseph L. 11/26/2013

Hi Doug.  Excellent lessons.  In section 5 though, you spelled Designer as Desinger.

Glenn E. 10/28/2013

The CLICK PLC video library gave me good understanding of how the CLICK PLC works. Was able to go to work the next day and work on a machine with a CLICK PLC, and fix it. I was very happy with what I received. If I need a refresher in a year or so, the cost is low enough that I can just do it.

Neal S. 8/27/2013

The DirectLogic course gave me a solid understanding on how the PLC works. I recevied exactly what the site told me I would receive.

Bob B. 7/30/2013

Just finished the CLICK PLC online course. I did not know much about PLC's before taking it. After taking it, I was able to write a small program for a pumping station. It did not work first time but with I learned I was able to debug it in a few minutes. Thanks for putting up this course. When are you going to have more?

Tom H 6/7/2013

Did not know anything about PLC's. Saw them at work and watched others work on them. Decided to take the online course. Excellent course. After taking it I was able to help the maintenance electrician work on a machine. Thanks Doug for this excellent service.

Nick B  3/2013

Very helpful and informative. This is my first experience with a PLC and I caught on quickly. I was able to apply all the exercises with ease and understanding. Very easy to follow with step by step instructions. Highly recommend.

Joshua B   12/2012

I would just like to say thank you for posting these videos. I've had no prior experience with ladder logic however I had designed a small device for a company that required the use of a PLC. I mumbled thru a program and got it to work however a certain part of it would re-cycle if I left it that way. It could have led to serious consequences so I knew I had to get it right. The same day I signed up for the videos I had it up and running correctly!

Many Thanks! Curt K 11/2012

Just wanted to write and thank you for preparing the C-MORE videos and also the PLC videos.  I have watched all of the videos and found them to be very well done and helpful!

Thanks again, Mike N 10/2012

This course would make a great addition and certificate to anyone with electrical and basic electronics skills.(In reference to the CLICK PLC Certificate Course)

Thanks, Ron M  9/2012

I have been looking for courses you are offering for over a year now an am excited to give your course a try.

Thank You Chris D 8/2012

Could not believe what I learned from a set of videos. This is really informative stuff.

Thanks Steve G 7/2012

Thanks for offering these videos. It helped me understand what the PLC does and how it works.

Don M 6/2012

Thanks for your support and for providing such an excellent learning experience with the online courses.
Best regards………..Herb M - Plainville MA 4/20/2012

Thanks you for providing these great training videos. Your instruction took me from zero to able to program short sequences in a weekend.

Dean F - Malone NY

I did not know anything about PLC's. After watching the videos, I went out and programmed a small CLICK PLC to turn on two pumps, and three solenoids. Did not work perfect, so went back and watched the videos again and found out what I was doing wrong. Thanks Doug for putting this up.

Don P - Charlotte NC  

I am a security system guy who knows nothing about PLC's. Had to work on a PLC. Found the video site, watched the videos, got exactly what I needed to go out and work on my first PLC.

Mike B - Jacksonville FL

I was afraid to work on the C-More touch screens. Called Doug on the phone and he told me to watch the online videos. I was a little resistant as I felt what is $39,95 going to get me. I finally did and WOW, I could not believe. The videos show you exactly how to setup - config - and program the operator interface.

Bill H - Philadelphia PA

Wanted to try the Productivity 3000 PAC. Was very hesitant to as it was brand new. So I figured what the heck, its only $39.95 to watch some videos on it. After I enrolled I was blown away at the depth of the videos. They get into more detail then I every expected. Do not know how they can make it by charging only $39.95.

Joe W - Baltimore MD

Had no need to know PLC's but wanted to just understand them a little as I work around them. Company would not pay hundreds of dollars for me to go to a class. So I found this site and they offered basic PLC knowledge for $29.95. I thought it was a scam. I tried it anyhow, and I can not believe how in depth the videos got. It ain't no scam. Well worth the money.

Brad S - Chicago IL

If you don't want to waste time with product videos and get right to the "meat" of the subject,Doug's videos will get right to the point,  whatever your skill level. I used these videos to complete my first project! Thanks Doug!  Thank you very much.

Randall D - Chuckey TN