PLC Trainers and PLC Simulators

We offer trainer kits and simulators that you can purchase for your own training or program development. All of our analog offerings use 10 turn pots for finite resolution. If you need a quantity or want it them customized to your needs check out our Custom\Quantity page.


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Series-05 Trainer
The hardware kit we use in our Video PLC Training course
based on the DirectLogic Series-05 PLC.
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CLICK Series Trainer
A Complete CLICK Series trainer.
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Series-205 Trainer
A complete DirectLogic Series-205 system.
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Terminator I/O Trainer
Field I/O Trainer using the "Terminator
I/O".[more info]
Analog I/O Simulator
Analog simulator, for training, testing or troubleshooting.
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Want a customized trainer or need a Quantity of trainers check

out our Custom\Quantity offerings.