DL05 Trainer

DirectLogic Series- 05 Trainer

Do not need the video DVD trainer "Introduction to PLC Logic and Principles" but just need a small simulator? Well, we have it for you. The trainer is pre-wired, ready to plug in, program and run. It comes with a power pack ready to plug in and power up, along with prewired buttons and lights to use for interaction. Programming cable can be ordered separately.


The trainer contains the following items.

  • 1 D0-05DD PLC (8-DC Inputs, 6-D.C. Outputs)
  • 1 Power On/Off Selector Switch
  • 1 Green pushhbutton wired to input X0
  • 1 Red pushbutton wired to input X1
  • 1 Black pushbutton wired to input X2
  • 1 2 Position selector switch wired to X3
  • 1 Green indicator light wired to Y0
  • 1 Red indicator light wired to Y1
  • 1 Yellow indicator light wired to Y2
  • 1 Blue indicator light wired to Y3

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