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Free access to the CLICK Video library when you purchase a CLICK PLC CPU.
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     New "HANDS on" Productivity PLC Class



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New Productivity Series 2000 Programmable Controller.



"New" DoMore videos added to the DoMore video library on a few of the DoMore higher end features like Peer Link, ASCII bar code readers, Ethernet I\O just to name a few.




Training for CLICK - Do-more PLC - Productivity 3000 PAC!!!



Low cost PLC Trainers!!



Now offering you the ability to order custom PLC trainers - built to your specification in quantities of four or more.


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Online registration for our seminars offered around the country now available. $20 discount if you sign up three weeks prior to the seminar start date using our online registration. Visit our online registration.





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Welcome to InterConnecting Automation Inc.

If you’re searching for clear, no-hype training on industrial automation products, you’ve come to the right place. As the instructor and owner of the company, I strive to offer effective, hands-on training for those who want to be trained. I am not a manufacturer’s representative, nor a distributor, but an industry professional sharing my knowledge and expertise through education and training of others who manage industrial automation products.


At InterConnecting Automation, we pride ourselves with technical instruction delivered in a clear and concise method; our videos and tutorials are specific and address points at various levels of training. Our tutorials cover time-saving suggestions and advanced programming techniques, as well as showing programming examples that are common on simple automation controls. We offer courses from introductory through advanced to address all levels of learning. Our intention is for students who complete the courses to feel comfortable with advanced PLC programming.


Doug Bell - Owner/Instructor


  PLC Training Courses including


Introductory Course For PLC Based Controls
Advanced PLC Training Course
PID Computer Based Training New!
Intro Video DVD PLC Training Course
Analog I/O Video DVD Training Course
Online PLC Training New!
CLICK PLC Trainer New!